Today, I….

quit facebook.

Now, to most people this isnt big news, or something that they even care about. But, I LOVED facebook. It was my connection with the outside world – to my family and friends that are spread so far and wide and to share whats going on in my life with them and be apart of their lives and news and events.

But with something good, usually comes something bad, so with that I quit. I deleted all my photos and was actually quite upset – looking back at all the comments that people left when Alice and Pippy were both born, seeing old friends that I hadnt seen for years and was able to reconnect with them… Its been a big part of my life for the last few years and I will miss catching up with people and reading about whats going on.

So, to my 548 “friends” – I will miss you! Im not a facebook hater – this is going to be hard on me, but I think its a positive step forward.


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