things i dont miss about sydney

1. The garbage truck that used to trek down Lorraine St at approx 4:30am in the morning. We have a much more suitable time of 7:00am here.
2. Traffic.
3. Rushing to get anywhere on time. This includes having to leave 1/2 hour before you need to be somewhere on time, that really is only 5 minutes away. (example of this is to get to my Doctors office in Kogarah – I knew that with the 8 sets of lights between the house and the office that I would get all red lights and at least one break down or some sort of traffic jam – every time..)
4. Parking. As with the above point, I knew that I would have to drive around for at least 10-15 minutes before finding a park that was for longer than 15 minutes in Kogarah.
5. Westfields. Now – this is surprising, because I really did love to wonder around doing nothing in Westfields, but you cannot imagine how wonderful it is to have a MYER on the main street that you can park out the front of and walk straight into – no annoying American Express card people waiting to attack you when you have turned the corner!!
Now, we are actually planning our family holiday to Sydney for this year, so I guess I am going to have to deal with it all again when we get there!

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