the one thing

I love to sleep, its the thing I do when I need to relax or unwind. Its the thing I do when I need a break. I love sleep – always have, always will. When we lived in Sydney, it was not uncommon for Cade to go off for a run, and whilst he was gone – I would have a sleep. He couldnt understand how I could nap during the day – and I could not understand that he couldnt nap during the day…
The one thing that I miss about being a teenager is the ability to sleep – wherever and whenever I wanted to. Now, I am not so lucky. I have developed “mothers ear” which means I can hear EVERYTHING going on around me and unless there is complete silence, I cannot rest. I cannot have a clock ticking, a heater going, someone snoring, child moving – no noise.
The other thing is that I get very grumpy when woken during the night. Yes, I know that as a mother, this is sure to happen to me for the next 20 years or so, but I cannot help but get a tad on edge when woken on numerous occasions throughout the night.
Last night was “one of those nights” here in our house. I went to bed at 9:30pm in hope of getting some well needed sleep. TB is teething (4 top ones all at the same time..) and Mooba has been sick with a cough thing all weekend. They had both been sleeping quite well, which I did think was a tad strange, but in the back of my mind thought that they had just developed my love for sleeping well all night long…
By 1:45am, I had been up to re settle TB 6 times and Cade had been in once. When I looked at the clock and noticed the time, I went in for my 7th go, and then said to her “thats it Tali – no more” as I walked out the door in a huff. She screamed at me thru the closed door and I could hear the tears dripping down her face. So, Cade got up and had another go, as I had got back into bed and was not getting out anymore. Finally, about 40 minutes later, he shut her door and – SILENCE. She was finally asleep.
Off I drifted thinking this is it – sleep time now, until at 4:15am, I woke up to Cade saying “Moos calling for you”. Up and down we both went for another 2 hours, until when I looked at the clock and it said 5:50am, I thought – if she calls out again, she can just come into our bed, cause at least Ill be warm then.
I must sound like a terrible mother – both of my children were not feeling well, and all I could do was worry about my selfish sleeping that I wanted – but in the middle of the night, my brain does not function very well at all. The first thing I did this morning as I got them both out of bed was give them a huge kiss and cuddle and told them how much I loved them, and also whispered “please have a long lunch time sleep today so mummy can nap”…

2 thoughts on “the one thing”

  1. and did they come through? hope they both collapsed for hours and hours… and you too
    (eli has decided she only needs one lamo sleep a day…errrr)

  2. NO!!! they didnt… but my wonderful husband took them both to the park after work so I could nap – yeah for living 7 minutes from work!!

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