sleeping thru

I think as parents of young children, some things can be easy to dwell on.
An example of this is when you are kept up thru the night by children who are sad, wet, hungry, teething or just feeling yucky – the next day all you can think about is how much sleep you didnt get the night before and when you will be able to make it up next.
BUT – when you have a night when you are not woken for any reason, you tend to forget about the fact that you got 8-10 hours sleep and its hardly ever even in your thought process until your next “bad night”.
I am so guilty of doing this.
TB has been sleeping really well for weeks now – I had been waking her when I was going to bed to give her a late night feed and putting her straight back down with total success, but I havent done this for the last few nights and she is going for gold. Last night we put the girls to bed at 7:15pm and TB woke at 7:15am and Moo woke at 7:30am.
I spent today thinking of the fact that I am so lucky to have babies that love to sleep. I now feel guilty about the complaining that I did about TB when she wasnt sleeping much – but I can blame that on my “0-4 month silly state” that I was in.
The fun thing for parents is – it doesnt change. The reasons for waking change – scary dreams, loud claps of thunder and the stress of school in later years, and then we somehow do a weird swap – and the parents are the ones that are waking all night – wondering why their children havent come home from their friends house or the party that was meant to finish a few hours ago.
A wise woman told me that the tiredness doesnt stop – you just learn to live with it and your body copes the best it can. Tomorrow I will either wake up refreshed after a great nights sleep, or not. Full steam ahead either way….

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