Saying Goodbye

Over the next week, we are going to have to say goodbye to many people and many things.
Now – the people are much more important than the things, but the other day I had to say goodbye to a dear old pair of shoes that I have loved for about 11 years. This was actually harder than what I thought it was going to be. My blue doc martins that were bought for me in 1996 were warn pretty much non stop for a few years and then it slowed down to a every now and then and more recently it has been on a very casual basis.
As you can see from this photo – they had worn themselves out and it was time to part with them. And even though our relationship had lessened over time, it was still painful to put them into the vinnies bag..
In other non moving news – Maisie has realised that now that she can walk, she doesnt need to push her trolley around – she can climb into it and ask to be pushed around.

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye”

  1. Hey Lisa,
    Sorry to hear about your docs! Im sure your foot isnt as big as mine (around a size 10) but if it happens to be, I have a pair of hardly worn black docs in my cupboard at home (in Gerogery West) so you are seriously welcome to have them (even if you wear them on a ‘casual basis’ it would be more then i wear them!). I’ve wanted to give them to someone i know because i never wear them (obviously cause i live in Melbourne and they are still at my folks home!)
    Hopefully ill get to meet your fam when you move to Wagga. Hope you are all well. (I am sick along with all my poor prep kids that i teach…i think all of Melbourne is diseased at the moment!)
    Love Bec

  2. Bout those docs…build a bridge darling, There is so much more in life than material possessions. Now if you had to put Moo or Tally in the vinnie bag I would totally understand your sadness, you have a far more precious pair in your life these days. . . x x x

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