policelady and policeman visit

Call me Esme if you will, but today a strange event took place in our street and it ended in a visit from the Top Cops of Wagga Wagga.
I was on the phone just looking out our front window when I noticed two punk kids walking down our street with sticks in their hands. They walked past our house and then stopped about 10 metres down the road and then turned back and walked back towards our neighbours house that live across from us. They stood around for a couple of minutes and then one of them ran up the driveway, grabbed a 3 wheeled scooter and then they both took off down the road. I got some shoes on and ran across the road (whilst still on the phone) and knocked on my neighbours door, but no one was home. So, I ran back home and decided to call the police.
Now, I know that its not 000 that I should dial, as it wasnt an emergancy – but the phone number for the police station wasnt anywhere in the front of the book, so I flicked the pages of “P” and finally found it, was put thru to a “hotline” and then told the lady the above story. She said that they would send a car out to investigate and that they would pbly pop around here to ask some more details.
When they arrived, Maisie and Tali sat on the window sill and amused the both of them whilst I re told the story. They told me that they had caught the kids and had the scooter back but the problem was – which kid was the kid that actually took it! They re took my details and said that I may be called apon to make a statement if our neighbours decide to take further action and then they left. It was all very crazy and all happened very quickly, and Maisie has been quite excited about the policelady and policeman that came to visit.

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  1. aaaah careful lisa!
    you shoudln’t go chasing punk kids by yourself! (or did you just run over to the neighbours to check?)
    but yes good on calling the cops and such. i hope those kids don’t come back to hassle you or your neighbours.
    ps. hope bub 3 is well 🙂

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