Offically introducing #4

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Icon Jun 20, 2010

Due in early November. We are all very excited and the girls are full of ideas for baby names!

Baby Whitbourn #4

5 Replies to “Offically introducing #4”

  1. Emma Sorgdrager says:

    Beautiful clear shot of your next gorgeous girl or boy!! Wooo!! So glad you’re feeling better, Lisa:) xo

  2. KL, M and B says:

    Looking great Lisa and Cade XXXX

  3. Rach says:

    YAY. love it.

  4. chan says:

    hey congrats!! so awesome for you guys.

  5. Emma M says:

    So do I even need to suggest the name Hillary? Just putting it there for the last time in case it is a girl x

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