My grandparents are in the process of selling their house that they built here in Albury 26 years ago. Literally built. Grandpa worked brick by brick to build the house over about a year. He had retired from his job as school principle and built the house. We as young kids watched the house being built – every week exploring new things that had been done, playing down on the new road before the other houses in the area had been built, exploring the gardens that kept growing and developing, playing countless games and doing dramas and performing concerts etc etc. We watched the pool go down into the big deep hole and waited for it to be filled up so we could show off our swimming to anyone who watched and play “sides” and be careful not to bomb when Grandpa was watching.

I loved the way that when I stayed the night – Grandma would “turn” my room into a motel room – with little soaps and towels on the bed. Sitting too close to the heater whilst I was in year 12 and having to turn it up so it wouldnt turn off on me. Going up the road for a bush walk. Eating from the pick tray. The countless summer days that we had swimming in the pool, playing cricket or having home made icy poles. The cold winter afternoons baking in the kitchen and picking the sultanas out of the cupcakes 🙂

So many beautiful memories fill my head from that house – I cant even come close to imagining how they are feeling. Cade and I had our wedding photos done in their garden – every time we would visit we would be given food from the garden to bring home or clippings from a plant so we could bring some of it back to our place to plant it. I watch my girls play on “the big rocks” just the way I played on them with my siblings.

It was a beautiful home with such wonderful memories which we will always have. I hope the new owners enjoy that house as much as we all did.

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