First in the pool

When we were kids, we used to have an ongoing battle at the start of each swimming season to see who would be first in the Grandma and Grandpas pool.  Although it was never talked about openly (apart from the back seat of the yellow bus), we were usually upset if one of our cousins beat us in – and we would vow to do better the next year.
The other day the girls and I were visiting the Great Grandparents (Mary & Bert as Maisie calls them…) and it was quite warm so we thought that we would just “put our feet in” in the pool to see how the water was feeling. It ended up with Maisie nude and Tali in her nappy and Grandma having to jump in the water to try and keep them on the steps.
The next time we arrived Maisie greeted them both with “I put my feet in the pool maybe?”, again ending in a full swimming session. So, I can proudly say to my siblings – we were first in the pool this year, but it looks like we wont be able to go back to the “put our feet in” now!

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