Family of four

Mum and Dad left here last night (with my house looking the best it has ever looked), so this is our first day “on our own”. At the moment, we are going quite well. Both girls are asleep and Cade is around at an osteo appointment. Everything is calm and quiet. I know that this will not last, so I am trying to get as many things done as I can before the storm arrives and our house is in total madness again.

4 thoughts on “Family of four”

  1. hey you guys,
    Heard from Stacey Shpeherd that you had a little baby girl the other day…. 18th July…. GREAT day… Kimmie’s Bday too.
    Congrats, hope you are ALL well!!!!

  2. Keep em coming.
    I told Mat K to drop in you the 4 of you, don’t know if he will. Lisa you’re not as fat as you made out you were. I’m really happy for the 3 of you.
    Onya Cade.

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