childrens products

and i thought that having a wedding was the biggest rip off that occured in life…
in the latest toys r us catalogue there are so many things that are not needed, yet we are told we cannot live without them. there are special containers to put a smaller container in that you then put in the dishwasher to wash. that just seems like a waste of time and effort and money.
marketing execs just need to brand a product with “essential to make life easier” or “just what your baby needs” and people get sucked right in. there are so many things that we could have bought but didnt and we have survived the last 9.5 months quite well. there are also things that we have purchased or been given as gifts and they have not been used and we have packed them away for next time.
on the other hand – there have been things that we have that we couldnt have lived without. these are mainly things that have been recommended by other people that have already had children and have tried and tested the products.
my advice as a new parent – wait until you and baby are home so you can figure out what you actually need before spending every last cent that you own…

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