1. There will always be washing. Today, I washed all the sheets and  emptied the basket of clothes, but yet, after another full day of fun, the basket is half full again. I have decided to only do washing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays – otherwise I could spend every day in my laundry.
2. TB is teething. She has the bottom right one out with the left one almost poking out. This has caused her a great deal of stress and she is dribbling all over the place.
3. We are thinking of buying a freezer. There just isnt enough space in our fridge freezer to store thing (eg if we buy up big in the meat department, there is no room for ice cream!!). Hopefully this transaction will be a smooth one in the coming weeks.
4.  Moo is speaking all day, every day. Her day is filled with little sentences that she is trying so hard to put together, with a jumble of words that usually makes sense to me. Her favorite time of the day is when she gets to help feed the animals – she calls them in, tells them to sit, tells me to “tip”, tells the animals to “eat biscuits” and dances around them whilst they try and eat. Its quite funny to watch – esp when she tries to get Charlie (our cat) to sit…

2 thoughts on “blah”

  1. a friend and colleague of mine once described housework (and especially clothes washing) as “soul destroying”. It is so depressing because it doesn’t matter how much of it you do, there is always more left to do – we are trapped in a never-ending cycle of washing, and more washing. And more washing. How do people ith more than 2 kids cope????
    Nice to hear about the teeth! There’s no suggestion of any at all over here!

  2. Those with more than two kids, actually find it easier…. as I stated once(during my divorce proceeding) when asked by the judge “and how do you cope?” I replied “I……am a woman Sir”. We as woman can do anything…………….and dont you forget it! ! ! ! Go for Gold Erika x x x

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