are we there yet?

Is a question i keep asking myself this week…
Being pregnant, packing and moving is annoying, but I know that it will all be over soon.
Being pregnant and having hayfever is also annoying, so I hope that they hayfever clears itself out soon – I had forgotten about the evil pollen dust that we had escaped when living in Sydney.
Being pregnant with two under two is interesting, especially when a one year old girl coughs all night long and decides at 11:30pm that its time to be wide awake and wants to play with her Mama for about an hour (which did stop the coughing for a little while, so that was good).
Being pregnant and almost to the 34th week with no real labour or hospital stays is AWESOME – it has been a milestone that I was hoping that I would get to after the dramas with Tali, so I am more than happy to keep being pregnant for as long this baby wants to stay warm and snug (although I may not feel that way in 6 weeks…).

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