annoying times

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Icon Jun 24, 2007

Well, here I am.
Two weeks of labour that starts and stops whenever it feels like it. Fat, tired and grumpy but yet excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. Its been a long two weeks – I cannot hardly even remember being at Winter Camp to help out on the first night. I still dont know how the camp actually went. I have hardly spoken to anyone – so sorry if you have been calling, emailing or texting and I havent replied to you – but my crazy hormones take me on a different journey every hour of the day. Please spare a thought for Cade & Moo and my poor Mother!
The “professional” opinion from my doctor is that this alien child could decide to come at any time. That to me is not good enough, so tomorrow when I have my appointment I am demanding to know when the first possible minute is that he will help me out. He has given me some sleeping tablets to get me through most of the nights, so he is trying – but not being able to plan out my weeks is driving me insane and I really would like to get on with my life. He has only had one other patient that this has happened too,  and she went from 26 weeks through to 38 weeks. No more children in that family…
I am loving having my mummy here, she is so great! She does her best to get me out of the house at least once a day so that I am not slothing about in my PJ’s 24/7 – which is what would be the case if she wasnt here. Each day is different, so we are making the most of this time that we have together before the baby comes. Maisie is having fun getting to know her Nanny Jill – who has an endless supply of songs and cuddles for her 1st born grandchild. Mum sang to her whilst she was getting her needles the other day at the doctors, and she didnt even notice the first one!
Thanks for all the encouraging words, prayers, love, support and advice that has been sent my way. I may not be laughing about this now (or anytime soon) but hopefully one day (in a land far far away) I will be able to look back at this time of my life and smile (more likely shed a tear).