30 I now am.

30 today!
gah! I really didnt want this day to come, but it arrived and departed quicker than I expected. Its all over and done now – and yes, I am now 30 – which is harder to say than 29, but I figure that I have purchased 3 houses, had 3 children in 3 years and will have to move again this year for about the 333 time (well..) so I can be out and proud about being the big 3.0.
Alice, Maisie, Lisa, Tally

2 thoughts on “30 I now am.”

  1. Well your hair makes you look way younger than 30 – I like it. Is that a giant number 1 on your cake? So are you 30 or are you really 31 :). Love the look on Tally’s face too.

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