Two weeks old

Just kicking back with mumHad our first trip to the Early Childhood Health Centre. The Child and Family Health Nurses’ official assessment: Healthy newborn.
She’s stacked on the grams – up 600g since discharged from the hospital. Now weighing in at 3930.
She’s had lots of visitors in the past week or so, including an introduction to her first Whitbourn relatives. She’s met her grandparents on one side and a few other relatives and friends. And she’s been spoilt rotten with lots of girly clothes and accessories.
She’s also gotten herself into a very manageable routine of feeding every 4 hours (most of the time). Hopefully this will slowly stretch out to longer intervals during the night.
P.S. Don’t try to empty the water out of the baby bath and answer the phone at the same time. Something (or somebody) is going to get wet!

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  1. Kevin n Vicki says:

    Hi all,
    OnSteve’s phone. Zoe says oh cute!
    Congratulations to you all, and special congrats to Granny Jilly Willy from Kevvy Wevvy (Uk. now we hit port)

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