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Icon Mar 28, 2008

So we wont go into details here, but over the summer months we have been “encouraging” Maisie to go to the toilet – just letting her know that its there for her to use if she so wishes.
We had two weeks of dry days with “knickers” on, but then we moved house so we went back to nappies. Now she is at the stage that if she is in the mood, she will ask to go to the “toooilllet”, which proves very interesting.
Tonight I had her on and off 6 times during bath time and then again after she was in bed. This happened last week as well, and she was succesful – but it took a while. I think it will be a while before we can get rid of the nappies – but she seems keen enough.
I spend so much time now sitting on the floor in the bathroom… Anyone have any games that I can play in my head whilst the waiting game continues?