sleepy mornings

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Icon Aug 17, 2008

Usually (this is most, not all) we Whitbourn girls get up around 7:00-8:00am. Now, there are occasions when its both of them up early or both of them up late, but more recently it is one or the other up so I can get away with staying in bed longer with one of them by my side having a snuggle time.
I have never been a morning person, I dont think I ever will be. I got Cade to “drop” Maisie into our bed this morning as she had woken up at 7:20am and I couldnt pull myself out into the cold morning air. As we lay together snuggled under a pile of blankets I was telling her about when she was a little baby and I used to bring her into Mummys bed in the morning after Daddy had gone to work and we would play and sing and then have another sleep before getting up for breakfast. She lay there listening to me with a tiny little grin on her face – and I couldnt help but wonder what she was thinking about… We lasted in bed until 7:50am, when she sat up and announced that it was “time to get out”, so my morning then finally had to start.
Now – I am not complaning at all – as I am very well aware of children (im talking about you Eli!) that feel the need to wake BEFORE 7am – which is really just punishment! I am thankful for any extra sleep that I can squeeze into my mornings and I do enjoy having a snuggle with my precious girls – as I know that it has a limited time frame!