Skills and stuff

After a pretty crazy couple of hours last night, I learnt that it is okay to not be in control of every situation and I am able to give Maisie to her Dad whilst I sit on the bed and sook. Then, I learnt that even though Maisie may cry for ages and not want to go to sleep, that she would end up being so tired that she would sleep for 5.5 hours which is the most sleep I have had in a row for over a month. This is a skill that I hope Maisie excels at in the coming weeks – because sleeping skills are awesome.
My daughter has a wonderful father. Although he took a crazy amount of photos of her in her first few days of her life and put them up on the world wide web and has given her the nickname “crater face”, I am sure she will learn just how wonderful her father is and what great fathering skills he has.
I have a wonderful husband. Although he has decided to always remember me getting upset at the bookcase not being built right and that he purchased dirty potatoes instead of the clean ones, I have learnt that he is a wonderful husband, and I love that he has so many skills – like looking good in more outfits than one and his crazy huuuumour.
Next week, Cade and I will have been “together” for nine years – and I have learnt that even though you think you know someone really really really really well, they can always surprise you with being even better than what you could ever imagine.

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