(mis)Pronunciations and abbreviations

So it seems Talia is a little confusing to pronounce at first. It’s mostly due to all the name variations – Taliah, Tahlia, Thalia, Tayliah etc, each with their own pronunciation variation. Even Lisa and I have been confusing ourselves, although Lisa earns the prize for the biggest confusion so far – calling her new daughter Talianna! (Surely the mother has the right to call their child whatever they want? Although a little more consistency would be nice).
This is all to say that although we are sticking to the name and pronunciation we’ve chosen, we are not too concerned if people don’t get it right. And we won’t be correcting people too often if they happen to get it wrong.
In fact, Tali is a perfectly good abbreviation and a great name to call her and is probably a lot easier to consistently pronounce correctly. So feel free; we know we’ll probably be sticking mostly to Tali from now on.

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