just hurry up already

I fell over on the tiles at our front door after chasing my nephew thru the door whilst trying to kick him in the backside.
I am happy to admit what a stupid thing it was to do – not only because I have a history of falling over when least expected, or that my nephew can clearly outrun me (and pbly out kick me as well), but that I am even more likely to fall whilst pregnant as I have no balance at all. This would equal about 4 pregnant falls over my 3 pregnancies.
The way I fell was straight onto my backside – at the time I thought to myself “wow – thats gonna hurt tomorrow and how embarssing to fall in front of most of my husbands family, lucky I am behind a wall and most of them cannot see me”, but I never thought that 5 WEEKS LATER it would still be sore.
Now, it is on the improve. It is much better than the first few weeks, but I cannot understand how it is still sore. I have to sit weird still and when I try and hop up from sitting on the floor, it aches like nothing else.
Of course, I did tell the midwife about it at my last appointment, and she said that there was nothing that they can do for me – that it sounded like I had either brusied, cracked or broken my tailbone but they couldnt do an xray due to my pregnancy and that I would just have to wait it out.
So I am a bit over it all now – I just want the pain in my backside TO GO AWAY already.
I have learnt my lesson. Dont chase your nephew around on tiles whilst trying to kick him…. (catch him first and then kick him)

4 thoughts on “just hurry up already”

  1. Lisa i think everyone in our house had already given up trying to chase ‘your nephew’. i’m sorry to hear that it still hurts though hope it feels better soon,
    xoxo Bec

  2. thanks Bec – I think ill start training Moo and Tali up now so they can chase him around next time we see you guys!

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