for all the mums out there…

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Icon Jan 16, 2008


  • Babies are all individuals and learn to do things at different rates.

3 Replies to “for all the mums out there…”

  1. mumsie says:

    no kidding . . .so also are toddlers, primary school students, high schoolers, teenagers, young adults, adults, middle aged folk and the elderly. life is beautiful, love you all,mumsie x x

  2. mumsie says:

    “we’re all individuals !”
    Dad says. . .I’m not!!!
    From dad/paps x o x

  3. erika says:

    Too right – my two are heaps different with their “landmark achievements”. And people look at me like I’m the devil when I explain to them what and how much Sebastian eats. In the end we have to be guided by our children in these things – its certainly stupid to try and make them do something they’re not ready for, or to try and put off something they are ready for.

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