Cadbury Boost

“What?! You can’t afford $1.44 for a 60g chocolate bar. I don’t care if it is ‘NEW’ from Cadbury. You’ve got a mortgage” I scream at myself in a high pitched nasely whine – you know how it sounds.

“I don’t care if it is called ‘Boost’. Where is the special guarana or ginseng or caffeine? – absent Sir. It’s got nothing – just milk chocolate and caramel – MEGA boring.”

“It’s just after Easter for crying out loud. You don’t even feel like Chocolate.”

On to the review (cause I did actually trick myself into buying it in the end. You know how you can trick yourself? By waiting in line at the cash register, then grabbing the bar from the ‘impulse rack’ at the last second and slamming it down on the little grocery conveyor belt device so that the checkout chick sees it. And once she’s seen it, there’s no going back. She gives you that knowing look and you give her a nonchalant shug, like, ‘hey lady, i know it’s chocolate, but y’know what? I don’t care – I can eat chocolate cause I exercise lots and need energy’.)

So anyway, the Boost bar…There are 3 main layers most probably based on the structure of the earth itself – a soft
smooth outer chocolate shell (the earth’s dense rock surface), a thin layer of caramel (liquid iron), then a thick rich chocolate center (solid iron core).

It does in fact taste more expensive than your other run-of-the-mill chocolate bars. It feels rich in the mouth and boasts a pleasant malty aftertaste.

BTW, did anyone see the comedian on Rove last night. He was very good – not in a witty observantionist intelligent kind-of-way, but more of a bizare and theatrical and dark and absurb kind-of-way.

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