2021 thoughts to explore further

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Icon Dec 17, 2021

Here is a list of thoughts I picked up from readings and podcasts throughout the year. I should have captured better notes so I could attribute each to its source, but suffice to say that these are all other people’s ideas that I have, at best, expressed in my own way.

A bit of googling for each will get me on the right track if/when I follow any of these up into more thought-through ideas.

  • Pareto principle: 80% of outcomes come from 20% of the effort
  • How would I behave differently if the consequences don’t matter?
  • There is a direct relationship between higher team performance and greater/effortless team collaboration
  • The most useful and impressive superpower to have in the current world is to be indistractable
  • Question for each day – what small bit of chaos might I deal with today to make everyday from now on better?
    • Place one foot in chaos while keeping one foot in order – I know this is from Jordan Peterson
  • To live my best life I am required to bear the heaviest load (of responsibility, of work, of duty, of societal contribution) I can possibly carry – Jordan Peterson, again
  • 3 key questions I need to be able to answer for any organisation or activity I am involved in:
    1. what are we doing?
    2. why are we doing it?
    3. where do I fit in?
  • 2 universal qualities of great leaders (according to Simon Sinek)
    • Courage
    • Integrity
  • Work at the edge of competence. Just enough to be challenged but not out of depth. Doing this will ensure growth, development, engagement. It’s hard to get bored or complacent with this approach
  • Much of happiness is hope
  • Imagine where I want to be in 5 years, and work backwards from there
  • Effective managers spend almost half their time on ‘Communication’
  • To get what I want from my team, I should model it
  • Best productivity app is thinking deeply
  • To help get unstuck, I should help others get unstuck with the same problem