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Icon Aug 28, 2007

Well, due to the fact that we still do not have internet up at the new house yet – the update of the WOWs will have to be all at once. (PS – WOWs = Whitbourns of Wagga)
House = is good, apart from the internet connection still to be worked out. Everyone seems to be enjoying their new space. The girls both have their own rooms which is nice for them and Maisie has all her toys out of the box and into her own play space. The kitchen and bathrooms are brand new and the whole house has been freshly painted. It will do us fine for the next 6 months or so.
Tali = Good. Growing a lot, eating a lot and generally going well. She has had some unsettled nights, so tonight we will be trying something new.. She is now in 0000 clothes, with some of them still to big for her. She is starting to cooooo and there have been hints of some smiles, so that is very exciting.
Moo = Good. Enojying the run of the house. She enjoyed her first ice cream cone with her cousins the other night and we all enojyed watching her eat it (it took her about 1/2 an hour). As you can see from the video that Cade put up the other day – she is talking it up all the time. Her latest “english” word is Clock – and she will even show you where it is in the room (and look for one even when there is not one there to find..)
Lisa = Good (see a theme here..) Wagga is exciting to explore. Last week we walked into town a couple of times to figure out where stuff is and we had a busy weekend of eating out at different peoples homes. I am enjoying the quiet and the slow pace of things already, and the days seem to fly with Cade arriving home so much quicker from work.
 Cade = Good (i am speaking on his behalf, so i hope thats correct..) The uni is set out over a hill about 7 kms out of Wagga. He has been running out to work on most days and has caught the bus once and also rode his bike out yesterday morning. His office is overlooking bushland, and right across from the uni pool which is exciting for summer time. On saturday he went for a run with a running group which meets every week for a race.
So, overall, we are all good. We are loving living closer to family, we have had Mum and Kate (and Jenna!) come from Albury for visits, and Peter and Carole came to help us fix up some stuff at the house and we are having great fun seeing Paul and Tanya and the girls so often – Matilda and Ebs are coming over for sleep over fun this weekend which will be great.
Have to say that this past month (or three) have been crazy, and we need to thank so many people for their love, prayers and support. We have had people cooking for us, cleaning for us, taking care of our kids for us, fixing stuff for us and just being there for us. I really dont have time (or enough energy at the moment) to write and send out thank you notes – so please accept this as a big thank you from the WOWs. xox