WOWs night of B’s

We have just got home from our first Bonfire/BBQ/bush dance night. Maisie had such a great time doing the bush dancing that it was a bit sad that we had to leave when we did. She was squealing with delight the whole time and clapped along with the other kids. We also got to cook damper twists on the fire which were delish.

Its a nice feeling to have been out somewhere for the late afternoon/early evening and now be home in our PJs with both girls asleep in time to sit down and watch some tv (which will be some code of football) and its only 8:20pm… I must be getting old…

Maisie & Cade enjoying the bush dancing

In front of the fire

Two tired girls!(the other was already asleep..)

One thought on “WOWs night of B’s”

  1. Glad to see you old guys still get out on a Sat night 4 a rage.
    What a precious time.
    Enjoy it all… to the full.

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