Today we headed off to Church for the first time as a family of five. We were all organised and ready to go and got there early! All the girls behaved well and we headed home for lunch time sleep time. Naa and Poppy Phil were awaiting us when we got home and Alice was presented with gifts bath related just in time!
The girls then all had a sleep and then we had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa before Maisie went off to help Great Grandparents Bert & Mary put up their Christmas tree and have a swim whilst Cade and Tali went to get the shopping done. When everyone got home it was dinner time so we ate and then woke up Alice for her dinner and then Maisie and Tali went to get ready for their bath.
I havent had the conversation with Cade yet, but I did hear him say to Tali from the bathroom “this is the wettest nappy I have ever seen Talia Mersey”… which got me thinking about Tali and if she had been changed at all today.
This is to say I am very sorry Tali. It will never happen again.

4 thoughts on “woops…”

  1. Congrats to the Whitbourn family, how lovely to welcome Alice to her wonderful life which our good Lord has mapped out for her. The photos are great and made me chuckle ! What’s with the santa hat and pigtails ? Great news that all is going well so far and best wishes for the Whitbourns as a loving and caring family. 🙂

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