what a weekend!

We have just returned home after a flying visit to Sydney for Trent and Mays wedding. We had a wonderful time and squeezed a lot into 28 hours!
At the airport
at the airport
On the train
on the train
Tally meeting people in Chatswood
Tally meeting people
In the pool
 Alice resting between events
Alice Joy sleeping
 All ready for the wedding
family photo March 2009
Tally rehydrating at the Church
tally @ church
 Snack time during the service
girls @church
Tally enjoying a special milk drink from Uncle John
trentandmay032009 030
 Maisie enjoying her special milk drink from Uncle John
trentandmay032009 031

3 thoughts on “what a weekend!”

  1. hi,
    a bunch of cuties, maisie looks like she’s falling asleep in the first photo, what time diidou get home???

  2. we got back to Albs today around 1pm – all the girls fell asleep on the plane before we even took off from Sydney!

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