we're back…

Well, we have finally fixed whatever the problem was and now can get on with updating the website.
A lot of things have happened in the past month and I’ll get some photos up soon – but the most exciting thing has been Miss Maisies 3rd birthday. We had a lovely day last friday celebrating and then had a fun time at the park with her “yellow” party on saturday afternoon, although it was freezing cold. 
 Talia has become very good at singing the happy birthday song, and has had lots of practice with Naa, Matilda,  Aunties Hannah & Kate, and Maisie all having birthdays within a couple of weeks.
Alice and I are off to Port Macquarie on Wednesday to catch up with the Mortons for a few days, a holiday that I have been getting excited about for a while now, so the photos will have to wait until I get back!

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