Weekend of Fun

Well, we had another very busy weekend here with plenty of fun had by all.
Saturday was filled with:
Morning Tea with Luke, Liz, Henry & Maya McPherson at their house.
Cade had a race with the Wagga Wagga Road Runners.
Dinner and sleepover with Matilda & Ebony.
Sleepover fun
The girls having fun on their sleepover
Dad and his girls on Fathers Day
On Sunday we packed the car and went to Church and then headed off for our first trip to Albury with Tali. It was a very short trip, mainly to catch up with Grandparents.
Paps & Tali
Paps and Tali enjoying a cuddle before bed

The drive to Albury is fantastic to do – takes about 1.5 hours which is great. The girls both went great in the car, we timed both trips around nap times which helped! Maisie showed everyone her new tricks and also had a fun swim at the pool with her Great Grandma Mary whilst Nanny Jill looked after Tali. Its great to be so close and the trip being so easy, Im sure we will be back and forth more than what I thought!
Next weekend is looking just as busy, with the Farmers Markets on Saturday morning, a bonfire in the evening and then the Lake to Lagoon fun run on Sunday.. and I thought our lives would slow down when we got here!

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