Week of fun!

Started with some birthday parties and ended with winter camp!

Maisie and Aunty Kate
Maisie and Aunty Kate enjoying their birthday cake early in the week.

Sisters enjoying morning tea

Aunty Hannah and Maisie enjoying their birthday cake later in the week!

Tally had an accident and we had our first serious head bleed.

Maisie opening her presents up before heading off to Winter Camp

Pretty pleased with what she got!

Alice chewing down a Winter Camp apple after a long trip.

First morning session – the under fives had the best seats in the room! (its so they could see over all the big kids heads!!)

5/6 Winter Camp
5/6 Winter Camp 2010 – The Amazing Rescue.

B, S, M & T
After a big day of play! B & S & Maisie and Tally spent the weekend in each others company eating, playing, showering and laughing. It was so nice to watch them all together again – we hadnt seen them since Winter Camp 2008!

Maisie taking her own photo – now that she is 4!

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  1. I know I keep saying it, but your photos are awesome… great photographer, great camera…

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