Its been two weeks today since we moved to Albury and we have a house that only has a few full boxes left! We have had a move around of furniture in the main living/dining area already, but I think that we are finally starting to feel like this is our home now and it doesnt feel so weird.
We have all had a great week:
Enjoying a couple of Pizzas from Sugar Shack – they were awesome and well priced for cheap Tuesday.
Cade has enjoyed riding & running out to his new office and having a dishwasher at home finally!
I have enjoyed being able to start to catch up with family and friends and not do hardly any packing/unpacking (we had to get the hospital bag packed…)
Maisie had a fun trip to the Library to see Grandma Carole at work and get a library card and has had fun times visiting people and exploring all the new parks around town. She also enjoys the fact that she can reach the door handles and light switches here (something she couldnt do in our old house) and it now takes us a little longer in the evenings to get her to stay in her bed!
Talia has stepped up in the walking department and turned into Miss Walkatron – finally decided that walking is better than crawling! She loves just doing laps of the house showing off her new skills to anyone who will watch. She also rocked out at Toddler Time at the Library on Wednesday – she had the most fun out of all the kids that were there and she was the youngest.
And last but not least – #3 is still cooking nicely, we are down to 3 weeks to go but still hoping that it decides to stay warm and cozy inside for a little bit longer than that, we have a scan and a doctors appointment next week to get to.
We have so much to explore as its been a long time since we lived here and so much has changed, so we look forward to doing that over the next few months.

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