Tumut 2008

We just got home from our camping adventure at the Blowering Dam. This is the 5th straight year that we have been, but Phil has now been going for 28 years – so we have a bit of catching up to do!!
When you are out in the open air 24 hours a day with kids it seems like a massive event just to make the littlest things happen. We had planned to do some day trips, but the timing of meals and sleeps just didnt seem to offer a lot more time in the day, so we just relaxed and tried to keep out of the sun! (sorry again tb…)
We were a bit wary of the weather, but it didnt really rain on us at all, apart from a couple of drops on one of the evenings. The girls slept really well in their cots in the tent and meal times seemed to go by just fine. We went down to the water a couple of times for a swim – I had big plans to ski, but realised on the 2nd day that it wasnt going to be easy to find time to fit it in. We also took the girls down to the creek for a bath which was a quick and rushed event.
Highlights: catching up with family and friends, only having to drive for 1.5 hours to get there, playing totem tennis, cooking outside, the shade of a tree!
Lowlights: TB getting a sunburned face after so much effort in trying to keep both girls out of the sun, Maisie spewing in the car on the way home.
Here are a few of the snap shots from the weekend:
Moo getting up on day 2
The creek
Moo & Poppy
Aunty Natskli & Moo
Moo, TB & Lisa on day 4 at about 7:30am
TB & Uncle Lukey

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