The difference 1 year makes

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Icon Oct 2, 2007

October long weekend 2006…
October long weekend 2007…

4 Replies to “The difference 1 year makes”

  1. Emma Morton says:

    WOW, tali looks so much like Moo in the top photo. Got some beaut cards to send down to you. Glad to hear the country air is mostly suiting you well. Only one more day of nannying for me – HOORAY. Just spent 4 long hours at the Zoo and am absolutely nackered – they are all having compulsory rest time now – even though the oldest one is 8.
    Love seeing your girls growing so healthily and strong x

  2. Emma Morton says:

    Okay, retard points for me, didn’t read the dates on the photo and realise it is maisie. RENET!!!!

  3. Rachel says:

    That is an awesome comparison shot! 🙂 Ah how strange to be parents of toddlers.

  4. Hottest Motorcycle Chicks…
    Hottest Motorcycle Chicks…

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