thats who we are talking about…

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Icon Oct 27, 2011

nicknames in our family have taken off – its just so much easier than trying to get the right name out. So, if you hear us calling for the following – you now know who we are talking about.

Maisie = Moo/Mooey/Mooba/Mooey Canooey/Miss Moo/Mais
Talia = Tally/Tal/Tally Banally/TalBal/Tals
Alice = Cece/Cece Balece/Ces/Macca Pacca
Pippa = Pippy/Pip/PipManip/Pipsticks/Pips/Pippy Longstockings

And if anyone is in a grumpy/bad mood – its Humpf.

Strange thing is they always answer to whatever they are called…