Talia walking!

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Icon Oct 13, 2008

She’s been taking her time but Talia, aged 15mths, has finally made some real progress towards properly walking (and not just taking 4 steps and falling into our arms).

All the walking ‘practice’ we have subjected her to is finally paying off.

3 Replies to “Talia walking!”

  1. carole says:

    Thats great, it must have been all the kids playing yesterday that inspired her to want to join in

  2. Emma M says:

    Well done Tali…
    I spy baby belly in the back ground!!

  3. may says:

    i actually started walking out of ‘neglect’ haha.
    it was my first birthday and my mum had thrown me a party and invited all of our family friends, but she was so busy talking to everyone else and hosting that i think i got fed up and decided to pull a show stopper!

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