some more about routines…

Last week was the end of daylight savings, and it was the most annoying week ever. The girls jumped from waking up between 7 – 8am to waking between 5-6am, which was horrid for everyone involved. Maisie would make up for being so tired by having 3 hour day sleeps. I am hoping that after two mornings of 7:15am wake ups, that we are back on track…
Our night routine at the moment with a 22 month old and a 9 month old is:
6:00pm – Dinner for everyone
6:30pm – Play time in the lounge room (this week it involves the hokey pokey for Maisie and crawling practice for Talia)
7:00pm – Bathtime
7:20pm – Bible story on the couch
7:30pm – Bed
This has been the case most of the summer, so Maisie hasnt been outside when it has been dark since last winter, as it wasnt getting dark here until after 8.  So, you could imagine her delight that last week after church, when she went outside after she had finished her dinner – there were stars in the sky! She just stood with her head flung back saying “stars, stars, stars!!” She was even more surprised that everything was dark and kept telling us all about it all the way home…

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  1. 7.15 wakeup… I can’t even begin to describe my jelousy… 5-6am is ala normal pre and post daylight savings.
    Can we swap children so you can teach Eliana the delights of sleeping in!?

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