Its becoming more of a challenge to keep Maisie and Talia apart – one minute they are happy playing together and laughing and copying each other and then the next minute they are snatching and fighting and wrestling each other to the ground.
Last night on our “family walk” Maisie wanted to walk after we had stopped at the park, and naturally – Talia wanted to walk as well. This was about 8pm, so everyone was very tired and the game of “chase” each other up the road and run away from Mum & Dad as quick as we can ended in tears, with both girls falling down and grazing their knees and arms. The bath that we tried to give them when we got home was basically a scream fest – with each girl trying to scream louder than the other one! People keep telling us that it will be so great having them so close in age… we’ll see…
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