November 2012

November flew by with lots of swimming! It was so great to get into the pool and swim everyday! We had a busy month with lots on every weekend.

Into mummy's shoes again...

Lake Hume Weir Wall

Tally ironing. #startthemearly

The girls built a boat out of boxes at Poppas house and Maisie is having a ski. #playtime #kids #boating #skiing

Tuddles with Aunty Kate #family

Park time with Pippy and Cece

Trying something new today @cadewhitbourn

Eight kids tonight for a sleepover! #family #funtimes

Cece ready for her preschool concert! #growingup

Miss Maisie, ready for winter already
When we wake up this crazy baby will be four years old. #lovehersomuch

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