Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory

We’ve almost been living in Wagga Wagga 12 months, and to our shame we’ve only now made it out to visit the Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory.
Licorice making in progress
I would make a safe bet that ‘the factory’ would easily be Junee’s number #1 tourist attraction. I don’t think the Correctional Centre really offers much competition. The Roundhouse Museum doesn’t even have much appeal.
Chocolate-coating process
The tour of the licorice and chocolate coating facilities is cheap, and short but sweet (literally) – with lots of free samples distributed along the way. I can’t believe how efficiently they can use such a small amount of space to produce world-class confectionary, that is actually distributed all around the world. They even hold the world record for the longest unbroken strand of licorice – 400-and-something metres I think.
Packing room
A smash cake – kinda like a lazy man’s piƱata
And the key marketing angle to the place is the ‘organic’ nature of the delicious sweets they produce. Organic wheat is used to make organic licorice, which is then coated in Belgium’s best dark chocolate – it’s gotta be the healthiest indulgence around. And if licorice is not your flavour, try coated cofee beans or almonds, or Sun Muscat’s, or ginger, or …
Maisie enjoyed herself
Ofcourse, given that Junee is such a long 30 minute drive from Wagga, we stocked up on at least a week’s worth of goodies before heading home.
So far, my favourites are the dark chocolate coated cofee beans

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  1. we must make the trip sometime as well, seeing all the rest of the family have been. I like Maisie’s hairstyle, she is certainly a trendy 2 year old

  2. hey, we just beat you to the experience and it was a great family trip for us as well and wasn’t the licourice record like 240m or thats what i thought anyway

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