July Photos

Miss Maisie going to swimming lessons in her new swimmers
Tally, Alice & Maisie
Miss Alice having a kitchen sink bath at Grandma and Grandpas house after a big garlic bread dinner
Miss Tally turning 2!
Miss Tally and her 2 year old cake made by the wonderful JMac
Maisie and Tally
Fun times with the cushion slide at Naas house
Miss Tally in her favourite beanie
Maisie, Alice, Tally
Three in the bed on holidays in Wagga Wagga
Tally & Maisie
Climbing the “running up the mountain” game at Naas house
Tally, Alice, Maisie & Seth
Fun times with friends!
Alice & Lisa
CC and Mamma
Tally & Lisa
Tal and Mamma
Maisie & Lisa
Mooba and Mamma

One thought on “July Photos”

  1. elie is very excited about alice in the sink just like her and anna. I am loving that there is a used casserole dish in the other sink!
    you whitbourn girls are just gorgeous. Nice work on the beautiful photos.

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