Happy 50th Phil!

Last night we had Phils 50th birthday party. The girls came along for the start of the evening and we had to drag Maisie away from the dance floor to get her home to bed! We also updated our Shanahan/Stevens/Whitbourn family photo – the last one we had taken was October 2002!
Maisie, Luke, Fleur, Jacq, Phil, Lisa, Tali, Cade, Nat, Kate, Mum
Moo, Nat, Tali, Kate & Jacq
Maisie, Aunty Nat, Tali, Aunty Kate & Aunty Jacq
Tali and Uncle Lukey
Tali & Uncle Lukey
Nat, Tali, Kate & Jacq
Aunty Nat, Tali, Aunty Kate & Aunty Jacq

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