Family Holiday 08

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Icon Jun 18, 2008

We are still in recovery from our 10 days away, but we did have a great time!
We spent the long weekend at PY Winter Camp where we had a great time catching up with friends and family and we even fitted a bit of study convening in as well. We were all sleeping in the same room which we were expecting to be interesting, and it turned out to be better than what we thought. The first night we put the monitor on and left the room and a few seconds later the girls were giggling and “BAA”ing to each other, which had Cade and I in laughing fits outside the room. It was so funny to hear them interacting like that to each other in the dark.
On Monday afternoon we drove a short distance down to Austinmer, where we stayed at an apartment over looking the ocean. It was nice to see the sea again! We settled quickly into our “holiday” mode and tried to relax (as much as you can with two kids in the rainy coast weather).
We went down and had dinner with Mad & Jon & Sam & Ben, which Maisie thought was just fantastic. We spent some time at a couple of different parks, down at the beach and also made the drive over to Symbio Wildlife Park. On Thursday it was Maisies birthday, but she had become quite sick, so she spent most of the day moping around and in bed. When we asked her what she would like to have for her birthday dinner she said “Bacon”…
On the Friday we headed into the big city smoke of Sydney where we had lunch in the Royal Botanic Gardens with some of Cades old work friends. Maisie had a lovely time chasing the birds around in the bushes and finding bits of rubbish to give to me. Tali got some good crawling practice in. We then headed south to visit the Gillman household for dinner that night and a quick catch up with some friends.
Saturday we had planned to picnic it up, but the weather had other ideas, so we met up at our old Church Manse with some friends who we have not seen since we moved – which felt like much longer than what it has been. We then went and spent the night with Aunty Nat and Naa in Leichhardt before making a quick dash back to Wagga first thing on Sunday morning due to Maisie (and then Tali) getting sicker over night. The girls slept the whole way home only waking for our stops at Goulburn and The Tuckerbox.
It was a long week and we are all glad to be home in our own beds!
Cade & Girls
Lisa & Girls
Feeding the wildlife grass out of a bag (that cost $2!!)
Maisie wakes up on her 2nd Birthday
Happy Birthday to Maisie
Fun in the sand at Austi Beach
Exploring the sand and the sea

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  1. Emma M says:

    I spy Harry Highpants!!!!
    Was so good to see you guys, yes even though there was not much talking between other things.
    Ohhhh, I miss the good old office banter days. Hope bub three is going well too.

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