Double Baptism

Partly through inertia and partly because of indecision, we found ourselves in a situation where it made most sense to get our girls baptised together here in Wagga Wagga. We celebrated the day last Sunday (also our 6th wedding anniversary) with some friends and family at home for an afternoon tea, and then at church as part of the normal 5pm service.
Thankyou to everyone who was here for the day, especially those who travelled, those who helped cater, those who helped clean up afterwards, and those who helped in any other kind of way.
To repeat what we said during the church service about why we chose to get our girls baptised:
For both Lisa and I, Jesus is our Lord and Saviour – which basically means Jesus is the boss of our lives, and he is the one in whom we trust, and the one through whom we have a relationship with God.
By getting our girls baptised, we are publicly saying that we are raising them to have Jesus as their Lord and Saviour as well. This means that we will DO certain things with them such as pray with them, read the bible with them, and bring them to church.
But our hope for them is much more than that they would just DO these things.
Our hope is that they will have their own personal relationship with God, as God works in them, teaching them and opening their minds bit by bit to the great truth that we have a God who loves us, who sent his Son to die for us, and who is waiting in heaven to welcome us into an eternal inheritance.
Our hope is that they would bring glory to God as they live out their lives in whatever way God has planned for them.
Our hope is that when they are much older, they will look back on their lives and see that for their whole lives and for forever into the future, Jesus is THEIR boss, and the one in whom they put THEIR trust.
We were kept very busy on the day, so therefore there are actually no photos at all of the girls or us from Sunday, but here is one from last night:
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  1. hey whitbourns,
    thanks for the great explanation of such a special weekend – we really appreciate your thoughts.
    Congrats on your wedding anniversary too!
    Ben and Laura

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