Come on ring those bells, light the Christmas tree…

which is what we did last night (although we didnt have any bells to ring..) Maisie and Cade did a great job of getting the tree up and ready…
We have had a crazy week of non stop activity – which involved Albury for Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Sydney for Tali & Lisa on Monday & Tuesday and trying to unpack with a meeting, nightly phone calls to banks regarding home loans and money matters, Bible Study, a visit to the health clinic for Moos 18 month old check up, Girls nite in, Playgroup, a Christmas Party and 2 birthday parties to attend in the next 4 days… To top all that off, Cade had to visit the endoscopy centre on Tuesday nite for a gastroscopy and today had a halter monitor attached for 24 hours worth of fun. Its non stop here in 2 x Waggas, but we are loving the country air and all that it provides for us.

3 thoughts on “Come on ring those bells, light the Christmas tree…”

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  2. Good to se you are getting the tree trimmed ,Maisie. Wonderful sleeping both girls !! Gols star performances .
    How did the minitor go Cade /

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