Christmas 2012

We had the best Christmas! Christmas Eve with the Shanahan/Stevens Family, Christmas Day church with our extended Church Family, Christmas Day lunch at home with just us and then Christmas night over at Cades sisters house with all 6 families accounted for (just missing Adele!). We laughed, ate, swam, assembled toys, laughed some more and watched our four girls have a super fantastic week.

At Aunty Kates House:
Aunty Natskli
Waiting next to Aunty Kates Beautiful Christmas Tree
Pippys best present - a lollypop
Home on Christmas Day:
Before presents...
After presents
Maisie and Tally see the Bunk house
Alice sees the Bunk house
Christmas Lunch
Christmas lunch. Maisie said that the beetroot is excellent. Easy pleased.
Mooba with her first keyboard and music book. Ive plugged earphones in whilst everyone is sleeping, she doesnt realise I cant hear her... She is singing along, its so funny!
Over at PTAZME’s (without the A):
Present time
Chillaxing on their couches
Tables are set for 29
Alexander teaching Cece Chess
Cece and Zoe
Football time
Football Time
Uncle John making coffee
Whitbourn Family 2012
13 Whitbourn Grandchildren

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