This website will have some changes slowly made to it in the next couple of months. It will no longer be “” as we extend our family to four and do not have time to update 4 different sites. There will be a name change, possibly something familyish. There may be a re design if Cade has the time and energy. Who knows where we will go from here.
I for one didn’t think it ever possible for me to be “blogging” on a website on a regular basis. Although I must admit that it is a very easy way to keep in contact with family and friends in one very quick and easy process. Many people were amazed at the photos and movies that we had up of Maisie so quickly after she was born, but because not everyone would make it the hospital to see her, we found that a great way of sharing our beautiful baby with the world. I am not sure how we will go with baby whitbourn #2, hopefully we will still have the energy to take thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video.
Maisie has had a busy few days finding the kitchen pantry cupboards to explore. Her main aim in the kitchen used to be getting the to microwave to explore the buttons that made noises and the clicking of the door button, but she has now found that she can stand at the lower part of the pantry and hold on to both doors whilst balancing her weight (9.35kilos) and opening and shutting them one at a time. She also discovered some baby rusks that were in there from before she was eating solids and loves getting them in and out of the boxes and trying to take the plastic wrapping off. She spent 1/2 an hour today sitting then standing and getting in and out of there that I am thinking that a big box with doors on it might be the perfect birthday present for her. Cheap, easy and also hours of fun.

2 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Hi there, this is a bit random, but I just wanted to say your bub is GORGEOUS! I live in Sydney and have a 10 week old bub named Maisie 🙂 She was also 52cm when she was born, hehe!
    That’s it from the random stranger! Love your site. I need to do something like this. If I ever get the time that is!

  2. Thanks – we think she is pretty cute – but then again, we are biased..
    We have found that the name Maisie is becoming more popular, or maybe we are just noticing it more now that we names her that!

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