Camping at Oura Beach

As part of our preparations for our 4-night camping trip to Blowering Dam later this month, we decided to go on a little mini-camping trip only a short distance from home, just to test how well we all manage. Maisie wasn’t even crawling the last time we took her camping, plus we now have Talia as well, so we were expecting things to be a little different this time.
Oura is about 20km out of town on the Murrumbidgee river. Maisie seemed to have a great time. Talia seemed fairly oblivious to it all. Maisie got a real kick out of sleeping in the same ‘room’ as everyone else. She especially loved being able to run over and give Talia a cuddle good night.
Little did we realise that Oura is in fact an aboriginal word for cockatoo – which all makes sense in hindsight as there were multitudes of noisy cockatoos intent on making their presence known at dusk and dawn – which meant the girls had a much later night and much earlier morning than usual.
There was a couple of other groups camping at the same grounds, but there was plenty of room and they were a fair distance away. We only really saw them when down at the river swimming.
All-in-all we are glad we made the effort as we both had our eyes opened a little more to how challenging going camping with a toddler can be. We will need to take lots of toys and ideas as to how to keep Maisie amused. And we’ll have to be smart about planning activities around avoiding the heat of the day. And we both have to have eyes in the back of our heads as Maisie can disappear in an instant and reappear 20m away before you even realise it.

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