August 2008 Update

I had a fun friday last week with the Norman children coming over for the morning for a play. I took them all to playgroup with me – so I was a Mum to 5 kids under the age of 6 (with 4 of them 3 and under!) – so that was exciting! My girls had such a fun time with them all being here and it was great to be able to catch up.
Sarah, Tom, Bekka & Moo (Tali was sleeping!)
The girls went to Bethanys 4th birthday party on saturday morning. It was a princess/prince theme, so Moo & TB went as fairy princess’ because thats what we had for them to wear!
Moo & TB all dressed up and ready to go party
Charlie (our cat) has made friends with the local neighbourhood cats and brings them home. Its now not unusal for there to be a couple of cats out the front of our house at numerous times of the day (this grey one came knocking at 3am the other morning wanting Charlie to come and play…)
Charlies Friend (the offical name of the grey cat) & Charlie at the front door.
Cades snow & snap peas are going crazy! This picture is two days worth!!
Maisie has just had a whole day in “big girl knickers”.. its been a long day, and we are up to knicker number 4 – but I think we have made some progress! Tali is closer to walking – we are down to hanging onto one hand most of the time and she is getting much more confidence!
And, thats about it for now!

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