Alice Joy Whitbourn @ 6 months

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Icon Jun 23, 2009

Alice is now 6.5 months old – time flys when you are having fun!
Alice Joy Whitbourn, 6 months old
She is crawling all round the place in a kind of half crawl half push off way. Its kind of like a catterpiller crawl. She is starting to move quite quickly, esp when there are cords, computers, phones or remote controls on the floor!
She sits up nicely and loves sitting in the high chair to eat with the whole family. Today we had her outside in her walker chair and she was pushing it around all over the place.
Alice has just had her first holiday to meet her friends Ellie and Anna in Port Macquarie, the two of us flew up there together for a weekend away. She was awesome on all four flights but has now come down with a ear infection so the last few days she has been very sick, and has kicked Cade out of our bed so that she can spread herself out next to her Mamma.
She is a beautiful little girl, such a joy to be around – a huge blessing from God.